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For over forty years, Ambrose Hearing Center has been building long-lasting relationships with individuals of Schuylkill and Luzerne counties while helping them navigate their path to better hearing.  Our mission is to educate members of the community about the importance of healthy hearing and the impacts of an untreated hearing loss.  Ambrose Hearing Center is dedicated to providing the best in patient care and follow-up service by combining up to date diagnostic testing and hearing aid technology with an individualized patient approach.

Prescription Fit

Never One Size Fits All!

Not just an over-the-counter amplifier! Get a custom fit prescription hearing aid.

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Comparable Pricing

No Big Price Tag!

An audiological evaluation provides the best fit and most up-to-date technology at budget-friendly price points.

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Locally Trusted

With 40+ Years Experience

Serving the area since 1966 and providing services that only a board certified audiologist can provide.

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The Doctor is HEAR for you!

Dr. DeNoia listens to her patients to better understand their unique hearing experiences. Ambrose Hearing Center provides hearing aid equipment and services tailored to each patient’s individualized needs. If you or a loved one is experiencing issues with hearing loss, contact us today to schedule an evaluation and learn which amplification option best suits your needs!

Why Choose an Audiologist?

An audiologist is a licensed professional who has been trained in the diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss. Audiologists undergo extensive training and education to earn their doctor of audiology (Au.D.) degree. An audiologist uses a comprehensive, patient-centered approach to evaluate, diagnose and treat a patient’s hearing loss.

Hear From Our Patients

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Call us at (570) 391-5216. We are accepting new patients, and look forward to hearing from you! Contact us today so we can improve your hearing!

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